Sunday, 20 January 2008

Bolongaro Trevor Spring/ Summer 08

One of my earlier posts was about the fashion label Bolongaro Trevor, created by Kate Bolongaro and Stuart Trevor (the creators of All Saints). I posted about the Autumn/ Winter 07 collection. Following a comment by Stuart I decided to review the Spring/ Summer 08 collection.

The new collection follows the rules of the previous collection with modern vintage twist but incorporates new brighter colour schemes and lighter fabrics, all perfect for the summer.

You can have a look for yourself on the website

Since the creation of the label, the collection is now available in more locations, most notably opening new stores in Manchester and London.

Here’s a preview of some of my favourite pieces from the collection.

This white jacket is the perfect spring jacket for when it’s too cold to go without but feels too summery to wear a thick winter coat. Another massive plus about this jacket is that it’s stylish too, it can be the focal piece of an outfit. I don’t know about you but I hate planning a nice outfit only to cover it up with an average coat. It will also look great paired with summer’s brights.

Another perfect jacket from this collection, I’m spoilt for choice!

These two green dresses look perfect for summer nights, the fabrics looks light and breezy and the colours will look great with a tan.

My favourite piece of the collection is probably this white one shoulder dress with the bow detail on the shoulder. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

I better get pre-ordering ASAP!

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Prêt-à-Porter P said...

Simply beautiful white coat and the green dresses are lovely